Elites Recruitment
1. Senior managers
     Requirement: Midium or top management(Deputy general managers, directors, factory directors, managers and supervisors) which is familiar with relevant industries of our company.
2. English translators or international sales
     Requirement: TEM 8, work experience for over 2 years.
3. Technicians who are professional in punch, plate work mold, fixtures, painting, chrome plating, machinery and mechatronics industries.
     Requirement: College degree or above, reletive experience for over 5 years.
4. Reserve supervisors, reserve managers and fresh graduates
     Requirement: fresh graduates, relevant majors will be preferred.
     (** Long term hire for above four kinds of positions.)
5、Plating chemist - Urgently recruit 2 people 
     Requirement: College degree or above, reletive experience for over 3 years.

If you are interested, please contact:
HR dept office: 0750-2626502 0750-2620899 Person in charge:Mr Liang 13822360273
HR dept office in plating factory: 0750-2626233 Person in charge:Mr Cao 13690539919

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